Sunday, December 13, 2009

BFG Final.

Had no time to post earlier in the project because it was so busy. So here is what I turned in a little over a week ago. Its still in the format that my group and I chose to present it in. We decided to run with a 2-d style and I must say I am proud of the group as a whole after seeing everyone's artwork put together, its awesome. Great job to my group mates, Katie Corna, Emily Kruger, Vui Mai, and Christine Nguyen!

Sophie's home in London.

The 9 terrible man-eating giants.

Moment Scenes:
Little orphan Sophie's first encounter with the BFG.


Chris Palmer said...

man, Rebbaz! great designs. they are all really fun.

LamGi said...

I like your new stuff a lot, man!

Aletta said...

Daammnnn Rebbaz is so awesome!! I totally loved the layout design, and your lighting got really good in that one. Way to go, Baz!

rebbaz royee said...

Thanks for taking the time to leave the kind the comments and compliments you guys. I appreciate it.

chrystal chan said...

shiat rebbazy, the orphanage layout is executed beautifully, nice color too!