Wednesday, November 18, 2009

BFG Update.

Here are some paintings I did after doing the ideations in my previous post. The group decided to change the style a bit so these are toss outs, but I still liked them and finished the paintings. Thought I would post them anyway.

It was a great painting all of these because now I am focusing more on my pen pressure when painting and in some of the paintings you can see my progression of softness in those rounded forms.



LamGi said...

I like them, bro. They look weird and interesting.

Aletta said...

Bazz Bazz! love your giant designs. I'm hecka jealous of you for getting to do this assignment, hahahaha XD
Come hang out with me in Union City sometimes!

Nelson Hernandez said...

dude, like i said before you crack me up. these are great: i like your crazy ideas on these Giants. there's humor in them man, along with gruesomeness.

i appreciate the comments & you stopping by my blog too! i uploaded the footmen on your suggest. c'mon man, come back to viz dev one more semester! would be cool to have you there creating more stuff!

- nelson