Friday, January 09, 2009

BFA project 3: the magic chalk

argon's room

exterior shot

close exterior shot

BFA project 3: the magic chalk

for the 3rd assignment in BFA, we read a story called 'the magic chalk' by kobe abe. its a bit disturbing of a story, i loved it. haha. its about a starving artist who draw's all sorts of objects on the walls of his empty studio. he lives in his studio for weeks living off of the magic food drawings that become real. eventually he meets his end when one of his magical drawings, a woman, kills him. she allows the light of day in and everything that was drawn returns to the wall as drawing again, but he is also taken as a result of living off of the magic.

i chose florian satzinger's art as my style guide. check him out, magnificient character drawings.