Thursday, August 23, 2012

wedding guest book part 1

Dora and Adam's wedding guest book
Below are images of my process.

finding the typeface.
buy some nice paperz.

cut the paper into spreads.
find some book board (hard cover material).

wedding guest book part 2

test print for alignment.
test print for alignment until its correct.
print a spread to test it.
print all the spreads.
collect spreads into specific packets.
puncture all spread packets to prep for sewing.

wedding guest book part 3

preparing to sew the spreads.
sewing the spreads.
spreads sewn.
clamping to glue as secondary measure.

wedding guest book part 4

cutting book board.
book board on top, matte board letters cut below.
matte board letters on book board.
initial stretching/shaping of canvas paper.

wedding guest book part 5

trimming edges of book pages.
initial failed attempt at adhering canvas paper onto book board (always buy extra).
applying glue book board.
book board adhered to canvas paper.
trimming edges of book paper.
fold over and gluing book paper down to book board.

wedding guest book part 6

Final Product:

Wood panel painting

A good friend works with wood a lot and tossed me a couple of pieces of wood to paint on. Here is the 1st experiment. Came out pretty cool, though I think for the next I want more wood to show through.