Tuesday, May 12, 2009

project: john steinbecks cannery row part 2

so here is an update on the cannery row stuff. i have been working a bit more on lee chongs and while its not done, this is the stage i am at. the top one is furthest and closest to being there.


PT said...

So this is what you've been slaving over in the BFA room eh? XD

I really like your process on it so far. It's a cool concept and really awesome compositions! I like how you created light in it and how you suggested the texture in it, makes it feel real and unifies everything.

It making me want to paint in photoshop then work on my rendering :X

PT said...

Oh man, I know! I've been working at the dorm avoiding the building like a plague. camerons room has been taken over :(

I may hit it up later today or something..hmmm maybe.

And Thanks Rebbaz! i better get back to work on the color rendering now.