Thursday, November 27, 2008

BFA project 2: plagued city


the abandoned mosque

the flying machine

this project was difficult for me. i really bombed the character design portion but i think that my environments are decent. the story behind this is that there is a plague, similar to the black plague that swept europe in the 1300's. the characters run off to an abandoned building that they take on as their own. one is an inventor who helps make a flying machine.

the style is based on Neil Campbell Ross. in particular, the thorgal style.


Aletta said...

Baz! good job on all of your projects this semester!
BTW you misspelled my last name bwahahaha :D

theresa choi said...

Hey Rebbaz. Awesome paintings. They have emotion to them in addition to being well painted.

rebbaz royee said...

thankx aletta and theresa. i appreciate your comments.

aletta, sorry about the misspelling.

theresa, i dont know if you know, but your blog seems to be placed under secure mode, i believe.. i wasnt able to access it.

thankx again.