Friday, May 30, 2008

h2o plein air

so the last few days i have been trying to start the summer projects up. i took my set of h20color paints and paper with me. first i took the opportunity to goto the beach and relax with friends in santa cruz on the 26th of may.

below is a painting of of beach houses and was my 2nd attempt.
next is my last attempt in santa cruz. the light house as some of you may have seen. i was just having fun with the colors and found that the sand made for some really cool texture. most important was that you can brush it off after and it will act like a mask. look at the section around the lighthouse and you can see the mask effect.
and this one was done today, the 29th of may. it is overlooking south fremont. i passed it on the freeway and always wondered what the view was like from there


John-Paul Balmet said...

Hey dude! Thanks for stopping by the blog. To answer your question, I actually cheated and used white out. I was in a rush, and the gouache I had was dry in my palette to start. If you want white whites with gouache, I highly recommend using it from the tube. You also really have to watch how clean your water is. If there is any pigment in it, your whites will take on a color cast.

I like your sketches. I can see a moody short animation based on your lighthouse sketch with swirling color in the sky...

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