Wednesday, May 07, 2008

here is my character design for my vis dev class. i dont have strong aspirations to be a character designer however i did enjoy this assignment. the character's name is ben, he is slightly mentally ill with polks disease. he is a locksmith-in-training and will end up in a halfway house rather than becoming a full on locksmith.


Ashley Boyd said...

I really like the technique on this. I thought it was some other medium when I saw it printed out in class, but now that I look at it online I can see that it's Photoshop (or not?). I think that if you played around with the shapes of the mouth and the phone it will make the piece stronger (since the mouth and the bottom half of the phone seem to be competing with each other).

rebbaz royee said...

thanks ashley! i am definitely gonna revisit that. it was a last minute thing that just happened. i tried to have a very small gap between them to draw a lot of attention to the interaction. thanks for the comment!